Greta Cottage Workshop
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Current Release : GCW09V
Paxton Fettel - A night in Torquay E.P

The follow up to Not bad for a Tenner E.P – And it is tidy like your Nans lounge.

“Great record ! Love the vibe of the tracks. Nice !” - Peter Kruder

release date: 24/02/14
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The Marx Trukker - Sky so Broad, No vinyl left E.P

The balls are rolling, the caller has been summoned… Eyes down ladies and gentleman for The Marx Trukker

“Fucking love it, that whole thing... PROPER deep.” - Krysko

release date: 16/12/13


Wasserfall - Travelling while Sleeping

A 4/4 grumble garnished with lashings of spruced creamy loose mousse, Will Stay (asleep) longs for grazing in yonder meadows. More Dancefloor ammo a la GCW.

“really liking what you guys are doing, fresh as fuck!
keep up the good work!”
- DJ Nature

release date: 28/10/13

Wasserfall - Travelling while Sleeping GCW07V

Mudkid - Muddy Blues E.P

This E.P took a while to sort out. Franklin wanted all new Mudkid goodness, I have been wanting to see Hash Hash & When the Mud Falls on vinyl since they came out digitally, first time around a few years back... In the end a compromise was reached! 6 tracks, 4 on vinyl. Enjoy.

"Yes this is great indeed. Franklin is the man. I still play the last one too…"

Raul Saaremets
Mudkid - muddy blues ep
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A label run with the soul purpose of getting great unheard electronic music out into the world, with no compromise. If its good, it goes. Independent, honest but not taking life too seriously.

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